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How a “Free Tablet” Program Ends Up Costing Incarcerated People $9 Million in Hidden Fees

Recently, a company called JPay signed a contract with the New York Department of Corrections to give the people incarcerated there free tablets. The Prison Policy Initiative decided asked an important question about this contract that the lawmakers didn’t: “What would motivate a company to give away 52,000 tablet computers for free?” What they discovered was that the free tablets were part of a larger “bundled services” contract for JPay.

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Finding the Blood on North Carolina’s Hands in Montgomery, Alabama

It wasn’t until I saw the coffin-sized metal box above my head with the name Wake County on it that I froze. My body could no longer move, as tears streamed silently down my cheeks. The box bore three simple pieces of data: the name of the county I had lived in for much of my life, the name George Taylor, and the date he was mutilated, shot over 100 times, and hung from a tree by four white men: November 5, 1918.

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Prison Safety Issues in North Carolina Indicative of Larger, National Issue

The prison safety issues in North Carolina are representative of a larger, national issue. Federal prisons nationwide are understaffed and have been so for some time. However, the hiring freeze at the beginning of the Trump administration and emphasis on reducing the size of both the government and the budget has intensified the problem under the Trump administration.

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