Community activist and new CJPC board member Rev. Curtis Gatewood was arrested in late February during an Alamance County Commissioner’s meeting he had signed up to offer public comment at.

Gatewood made a passionate plea for the safety of local immigrants, publicly holding local County Commissioners accountable for allowing the Alamance County sheriff’s office to enter a contract with ICE to hold detainees for the agency and to renegotiate the office’s contract with the U.S. Marshals Service. After being repeatedly interrupted, and then having the Commissioners adjourn the meeting during his comments, Gatewood was taken immediately into custody for talking longer than three minutes.

As Alamance County Commissioner Bill Lashely departed the meeting, he was heard telling Gatewood, “You’re an agitator.” Outside the building, more than 15 members of the Alamance County NAACP had gathered to show their support for Gatewood.

Recently, CJPC Executive Director Dawn Blagrove represented Gatewood in court for charges of misdemeanor disruption of a public meeting. The case was continued until May 19.