On July 13, 2019 at 3:00 pm in the Durham Friends Meeting located at 404 Alexander Avenue in Durham, the Carolina Justice Policy Center will host their Second Annual Poetic Justice storytelling event. In this powerful event, criminal justice advocates will collaborate with local spoken word artists to share personal experiences about how North Carolina’s criminal justice system has affected their lives. This event is free and all are welcome to attend. You are invited to RSVP and share our event on Facebook. The lineup includes:

Spoken Word Artists

Danielle Cortez (Blaize the Poet)
Cortez writes poetry that carries a profound appreciation for heartfelt honesty and a passion against all prejudices.

William Davis (Endlesswill)
Appointed 2016-18 Poet Laureate of Hillsborough, Davis is a spoken word artist continuing the tradition of poetry in living form.

Damone Kelly (MsDalia22)
Kelly is a spoken word artist, author, host, workshop facilitator, and creative director of Voices from the Heart.

Ronald Lavender (RL Tha Gifted1)
Lavender is a poet, actor, stage play director, and head of Building Ongoing Legacies Together, a single parent mentoring program.


Amanda Marriner
Marriner recently faced discrimination when attempting to marry her incarcerated partner Sandy Dowell.

Taittiona Miles
At North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services, Miles represents incarcerated people in civil right suits against NC’s prison system.

Erica Washington
At the Center for Death Penalty Litigation, Washington fights to save people on North Carolina’s death row from execution.

As a community-focused organization, we do not want to deny anyone the opportunity to attend this powerful event. To make that possible, we are seeking sponsors at the levels below to offset the costs of putting on this event and to help us empower communities to bring change to NC’s criminal justice system.

Sponsors at certain levels may optionally place an ad in our program and/or have their name listed as a donor, and will be recognized in promotional emails about the event. Donors who give other amounts will be recognized in the program.

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