CJPC is hiring a new Executive Director. Download and review the job description and share with interested candidates.

From Board Chair Dr. George Wilson about the departure of Lao Rubert, Executive Director:

Lao Rubert, CJPC’s wonderful and beloved Executive Director has decided to retire from her position in the Spring, 2017. CJPC has been privileged to have Lao at the helm of our organization for many years.  In spite of our sadness, we are excited to see what the future holds for Lao and for CJPC.  While Lao will be taking a much-needed break from fighting for criminal justice reform on a daily basis, CJPC will continue to work tirelessly as it always has to make North Carolina a better place to live.  The organization will continue to build on the foundation of Lao’s outstanding leadership.

Lao’s work was most recently acknowledged when she received the NAACP Citizen of the Year Award from the Durham NAACP in November, 2016.   Lao has been a tireless worker for social justice issues for more than 37 years. She helped establish and staff the Citizens Commission on Alternatives to Incarceration in 1981 and was an original member of the NC Sentencing Commission.  She has worked to develop pre-trial services and multiple state and local programs to create and implement alternatives to incarceration.  She’s worked to improve options for persons with mental illness and addictions and to build meaningful re-entry services. Lao has advocated consistently against the death penalty and for clemency; she played a critical role in helping to enact the Racial Justice Act, ending the death penalty for persons with mental retardation and advancing efforts to raise the juvenile age.  Throughout her tenure, Lao has kept citizens across the state informed about policies and legislation that involve social justice and criminal justice issues that impact their communities and the state.

CJPC has a committed Board of Directors that will be making transition decisions and receiving Executive Director applications in the coming weeks.  As we move forward, our Board will insure we maintain a statewide scope that connects with, empowers and supports those who share our vision of creating a state that can raise the juvenile age, end the death penalty, and reduce the overuse of prisons and jails.

The Board is proud of Lao’s leadership in keeping a small non-profit agency vital and influential as it addressed often unpopular issues for over 37 years.  The Board is committed to continue and honor Lao’s legacy has we move forward.

Finally, Lao will work closely with the staff through the transition period and until our new staff is hired.  Dawn Blagrove, our talented Assistant Director will also be hard at work to make sure we have a smooth transition.  On behalf of the entire Board, we wish Lao the best as she leaves the Executive Director position.  We know she will remain engaged in criminal justice and social justice issues as she enters this new phase of her life.