What many political activists thought would be an early holiday gift turned out to be a lump of coal.  The North Carolina General Assembly returned to Raleigh last Wednesday under the auspices of repealing the notorious Bathroom Law that hangs, like an anchor, around the neck of North Carolina’s economy and reputation around the country and the world. After nearly 10 hours in session, at the expense of North Carolina tax payers, they adjourned having accomplished nothing, failing to secure the necessary votes in the Senate to pass a repeal option acceptable to all stakeholders.

The failed session was hastily called after the Charlotte City Counsel unexpectedly rescinded the city ordinance that was the catalyst for HB2. While many onlookers were disappointed by the failure of the General Assembly to negotiate a full repeal, that was not the only failure of the day.  North Carolina’s General Assembly failed to exercise the most important skills necessary for a fully functioning government: diplomacy and reasonableness.  Without those two things, this failed session was only an appetizer for what we can expect in the long session, which begins January 11, 2017.

Contact your legislators and let them know, you want to see more cooperation and less obstruction from your elected officials.

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