As promised by Governor Elect Cooper, the lawsuits challenging the laws passed during the surprise special session have already started to be filed.  As of the drafting of this article, two lawsuits have already been filed, with the promise of more to come. For a refresher on what laws were passed during the special session, read General Assembly Surprise Special Session Adjourns – What They Did, from our last update

The first lawsuit filed by the state Board of Education challenges that the transfer of power from the Board to the incoming superintendent.  Friday,  Wake County Judge Don Stephens blocked the enactment of the law revamping the state elections board until further court proceedings could take place.

No matter the the outcome, we know that the process of challenging potentially unconstitutional laws will be costly for North Carolina citizens.  We must demand that our legislators take the time to consider the possible legal challenges and the tremendous cost to the state BEFORE pushing through legislation without the full light of review and deliberation.

View full details on the pending and possible future legal challenges.