By Allison Bunker, CJPC Intern

In North Carolina, moms that have given birth in prison are in need of many resources they are not offered by the current government systems. However, two incredible organizations in North Carolina are addressing the needs of mothers who have given birth in prison.

The first organization Mother’s and their Children, otherwise known as MATCH, is focused on creating good relationships between incarcerated mothers and their children using a holistic approach.

MATCH operates on the grounds of the North Carolina Correctional Institute for Women where they have created a home like setting in which children can interact with their parents. They are the only organization in North Carolina, and one of the only organizations nationwide, that offers resources to help bring children and mothers together in a home like setting. Furthermore, MATCH also empowers mothers through trainings, and helps them to meet their own needs so they can care for their children.

The second organization is Pharaoh’s Daughter.  Pharaoh’s Daughter aims to break down a cycle of weak family structures by modeling, teaching, and providing the necessary resources to encourage loving and engaged parenting. Pharaoh’s Daughter does this in a variety of ways.  They house and care for babies that have been born to incarcerated women. By offering a loving and caring homelike setting and maintaining weekly visits to their mothers Pharaoh’s Daughter can drastically change the life of children born to incarcerated mothers. Furthermore, after mothers are released Pharaoh’s Daughter stays engaged in the mother’s and child’s life by offering mentorship for mothers. Primarily their curriculum addresses the creation of a strong family units by helping moms get GEDs, finding jobs, going to counselling, and create a stable routine. Pharaoh’s Daughter runs a daycare for mom’s once they have found a stable job.

Pharaoh’s Daughter also is an advocacy organization that looks to change the policies and structure that create many of the issues mothers who have children in prison encounter.

If you have an interest in supporting MATCH or Pharoah’s Daughter, visit their websites below.

Pharaoh’s Daughter