While the election was truly a nail-biter, and ultimately filled with outcomes both wonderful and challenging, one thing was clear – the people of North Carolina are beginning to demand accountability and reform from their local elected officials. For that, we are inspired to keep the momentum going to bring real and lasting change to North Carolina’s criminal justice system, county by county.

In this election, we are celebrating surprising, upset victories in counties across North Carolina, including:

  • Satana DeBerry’s win as Durham District Attorney
  • Spencer Merriweather’s win as Mecklenburg District Attorney
  • Faris Dixon’s win as as Pitt County District Attorney
  • Gerald Baker’s win as Wake Sheriff
  • Clarence Birkhead’s win as Durham Sheriff
  • Danny Rogers’ win as Guilford Sheriff
  • Ennis Wright’s win as Cumberland Sheriff
  • Quentin Miller’s win as Buncombe Sheriff
  • Garry McFadden’s win as Mecklenburg Sheriff
  • Bobby Kimbrough’s win as Forsyth Sheriff
  • Paula Dance’s win as Pitt Sheriff

After over a year of numerous Vote4Justice trainings and presentations, as well as robust engagement through email and social media, we are thrilled to be doing the work that helps makes these victories for criminal justice reform possible. Even though this election is over, another one is just two years away. Organize a free training today for any group you are a part of that cares about becoming effective advocates for criminal justice reform.

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With these new officials, we will work tirelessly to advocate for new policies that will create a more transparent and accountable local government that is responsive to the most pressing needs of the community.

Your support today will help us advocate for sheriffs to:

  • Create an innovative citizens review board that is transparent and creates a partnership with the people
  • Draft policies that severely restrict the use of K-9 units
  • Stop spending tax payer dollars to enforce Federal Immigration Policies
  • Evaluate jail conditions and create programs for education
  • Evaluate health care conditions to properly care for mental and physical needs of people in jail
  • Create proactive community engagement programs
  • Re-evaluate training for School Resource Officers
  • Conduct stronger background checks for gun permits

Any amount you give today will help us advocate for district attorneys to:

  • Prosecute of law enforcement for abuses of power and excessive force to create a culture of accountability
  • Create and support bail reform
  • Track dropped and dismissed charges, to hold law enforcement accountable for the use of pretextual stops to harass and violate citizens

We are excited about the work ahead, but need your help to get it done. Give today, and tell your friends, family, and anyone you know who cares about reforming the criminal justice system about us! Just send them to our website, or invite them to like or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.