ACLU of NC, in partnership with the Carolina Justice Policy Center, North Carolina Asian Americans Together, Raleigh PACT, and El Pueblo, recently researched and released a candidate scorecard of the city of Raleigh officials about their positions on police accountability. Each mayoral and city council candidate was asked if they:

  • Support a Community Oversight Board of local police that has investigatory, subpoena, and disciplinary power.
  • Supports Raleigh Police requiring and enforcing the use of consent-to-search forms prior to any search and pat down not based on probable cause.
  • Supports a discipline policy to enforce the RPD body-worn camera program to ensure misuse of body cameras will have consequences.
  • Supports de-escalation training and consequences for officers who do not attempt to de-escalate prior to any use of force.
  • Supports expanding the use of citations instead of arrest for certain misdemeanor charges, to keep people out of jail before their day in court.

Download and share their responses before the October 8 election

You can also read full, individual responses at the ACLU of NC website→