Do you want armed volunteers in your local schools? This is yet another issue of critical importance to engage your local sheriff. In Stanly County, the school board recently passed a measure that would allow the Stanly County Sheriff to place armed volunteers in schools. These volunteers will include former law enforcement and military police officers. Volunteers will be required to receive training on research regarding the social and cognitive development of students. They will also be required meet the selection standards and any additional criteria set by the law enforcement agency in charge of the volunteers. Some have warned against the program being a dangerous expansion of the use of school resource officers, who have exacerbated racial disparities in school discipline. Moreover, state law provides no liability for “good faith” volunteer actions. While other rural North Carolina counties are considering similar measures to allow for armed volunteer guards, larger urban school districts have rejected the idea. Changes in school safety practices are one of the many reasons to remain engaged with the political process to make sure that your local sheriff is aligned with your values. Learn more here.